Southwest Airline’s Partnerpalooza Promotion



This is a promo and a sweepstakes rolled into one. You can earn additional Southwest Rapid Rewards points by supprting their partners listed. But, the best part I believe is the chance to win up to 1 million miles for a free entry. The top prize does not start out that high, but if enough people register the prizes only get better.

A lot of my family and friends already have a Chase Southwest card beacause it has a great bonus offer that I let them know about (50,000 miles after making just 1 purchase.) But, if you do not have one already you can signup for one now and get 25 more entries into the sweepstakes. Also, for every ten times you use your card during the promo period, you will get an additional entry.

The best part about this is the daily contest you can enter after registering. It looks like they are giving away instant prizes if you can succesfully complete a little “Plinko” game they have. You get one attempt each day to try and drop a little icon into a suitcase, but it first bounces around on the pegs below, like the old game of plinko on The Price Is Right. I have tried everyday, but so far have not won, so I don’t know what the prizes are.

Register to try and win here:

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Partnerpalooza


Got an AMEX?

Taken in Nicaragua the week I was there in 2009.


I did not have an American Express card until last week when I read a post over at Noob Traveler.  It looks like they are stepping up their game with a few higher sign-up bonuses. These higher bonus promotions are for their Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) and Delta Gold cards. I was offered a 75,000 point bonus for the PRG card for spending $1,000 in 3 months. I jumped on this offer. If you are interested, click this link here to see if you get offered one of these valuable promotions.

For more info, check out the Noob Traveler’s post or these others here:

These points can be very valuable and I will explain later how they can be used toward a surf trip to an exotic local.

This is my first blog. This is a test.