The Paddle Out

Most people, when traveling to a new break for the first time, do not jump right in,  paddle to the peak, and start scratching for set waves. This is not the wisest way to go about things, especially if it is crowded. The safest way would be to sit and watch for awhile, either on the beach, in the channel, or in the lineup. Well, in the miles and points “game” there are a lot of options and strategies, some safer than others.

I am not going to pretend that I know everything, nor will I say that I know the absolutE best way to get started. What I will tell you, though, is that signing up for as many cards as you can, right off the bat, to get all the bonuses you can, is not the safest strategy. I will help you pick and choose the very best ones. I will be like your surf guide in a foreign country.

Here are two guides written by people who have been in this game a lot longer than I have been. Following these would be a good jumping off point for highly motivated people. Some of these steps will take some work, but I am sure will pay off in the end.


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